Request an Official Transcript

McMurry University has authorized Parchment Exchange to provide transcript ordering services for current and former students. Both electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) and paper copies can be ordered through Parchment.

Click on Log-in below to be directed to the Parchment site --

Log-in or Create a New Parchment Account

  • The Parchment site will walk you through the steps necessary to order an official transcript.
  • McMurry University does not provide unofficial transcripts.
  • For questions or more information, please call the Registrar’s Office at 325.793.3888.


What is the cost of a transcript?
$5.00 per transcript.
All charges are non-refundable.

When is my credit card charged?
When your order is initially placed, your credit card will be authorized for the purchase amount. After the document(s) are successfully processed, your credit card will be charged.

How long is an order held?
Parchment will cancel all open orders after 30 days, with the exception of orders on hold for Grades or Degree.

Delivery Status -- What does it mean?

Pending: Order has been submitted.
Processing: The order has been received by McMurry.
Available: (Electronic documents) Order has been processed and is available for download.
Delivered: (Electronic document) Your document has been downloaded by the recipient.
(Paper pick-up documents) Your order is ready to be picked up at the Registrar’s office.
On Hold: Your order is on hold and transcript cannot be released – Refer to email comments for details.
Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled – Refer to email comments for details.

Can I review my order?
You should carefully review all order details before submitting.
Upon successfully submitting your order for processing, you will receive an Order Receipt email.

How many transcripts can I order at one time?
You can order a maximum of 5 transcripts per order at a cost of $5.00 per transcript.

How long is my e-transcript available?
Your electronic transcript is available for 14 days and can be downloaded up to 3 times within that timeframe.

What is the processing time?
Normal processing time is 3-5 business days. Certain peak times of the academic year and periods of system maintenance may require longer processing times.