General Veteran Affairs Information

General Veteran Affairs Information: McMurry University is approved to offer assistance to those students using the benefits of the Veterans Administration for educational purposes. All students using these benefits must contact the university VA Certifying Official, Karen Freeland, located on the campus of McMurry University in the Maedgen Administration Building, room #106, or at 325-793-3813 or  All appropriate documentation must be provided before the end of the first semester of attendance at McMurry University to continue using educational benefits from Veterans Affairs.

GI BILL©: There are several chapters of the GI BILL©, and the chapters are as follows:

• Chapter 30 Montgomery GI BILL©
• Chapter 35 for dependents of those veterans who have a permanent and total disability or who died as a result of service connection.  (*Family members of those killed in   action may be eligible for Marine Gunnery  Sergeant  John David Fry Scholarship)
• Chapter 1606 Reservists
• Chapter 1607 Reservists who has been on active duty at least 90 days

  POST 9/11 GI BILL©: Effective August 1, 2009.

• Chapter 33

General Rules: To be followed by all GI BILL© recipients. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your educational benefits please contact Karen Freeland at 325-793-3813.

• Students of chapter(s) 30, 33, and 35 have to apply to use their benefits with Veterans Affairs using the VONAPP system on-line.
• Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 have to verify enrollment with Veterans Affairs at the end of each month. This can be done from the GI Bill©  web site, or via phone 1-888-442-4551. Chapter 33  students are excluded from this requirement.  Chapter 35 recipients are mailed a monthly verification form.
•  Requests for VA Certification with McMurry can be done from this web page after pre-registration, or at the beginning of each semester. The student will only be certified for classes which pertain to the degree plan.

Documentation for GI Bill©:  VA “Letter of Eligibility," or similar document, must be submitted to the VA Certifying Official before the first certification to receive educational benefits.  All students, receiving VA benefits, must also provide the following documentation before the end of the first semester at McMurry University:

• Transcripts (including military transcripts) from all colleges/universities/military branch attended prior to McMurry
• DD Form 214 (for all non-active veteran students)
• High School Transcript (for some students only)

Vocational Rehabilitation: Also known as Chapter 31, covers non-active duty veterans who have sustained some form of disability during the time they were serving in the United States Armed Forces. A student falling under this chapter of veterans’ benefits will first have to contact Department of Veterans Affairs office in Abilene located at 1150 Estates Dr., Ste. B or 325-677-1503. Once the student has been approved to receive Chapter 31 benefits, contact Karen Freeland to set up an appointment to receive the initial degree plan evaluation.  Mrs. Freeland can be reached at 325-793-3813. The degree plan is then taken the Department of Veterans Affairs office for final approval.  When approval is granted, the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide the VA Form 28-1905 (authorizing enrollment) to McMurry University.  A student can then apply to enroll in classes at McMurry University.  With the exception of the “Letter of Eligibility”, the same documentation required of other GI Bill © chapter recipients is also required for Vocational Rehabilitation recipients (listed above under “Documentation for GI Bill ©”). 

Certification for all chapters of VA education benefits:  Requests for VA Certification can be done on-line for each semester the student wishes to receive benefits.  The student will only be certified for classes which pertain to the degree plan. For further information please contact the McMurry VA Certifying Official, Karen Freeland.

Useful Links:

•  GI Bill© Web Page:
VA Certification:

Helpful resources for veterans:   Veterans helping veterans with whatever the need.  The local liaison is Glen McGraw (325-690-5260).  Taylor County Veterans Service Office (400 Oak St., Ste. 170;  325-674-1328; Voc-Rehab: 1150 Estates Dr., Ste. B,  Abilene, TX; 325-677-1503)    West Texas VA Health Care System (300 Veterans Blvd., Big Spring, TX; 800-472-1365)

Taylor County Vet Center:  3564 N. 6th St., Abilene, TX; 325-232-7925 or 877-927-8387   Offering re-adjustment counseling to veterans and their families.